Building Value

Organizations today have opportunities to reach people like never before, and yet, the challenge to truly connect can be more difficult than ever. The needs to acquire, grow, and retain customers demand a unique type of architecture that builds lasting engagement.

Our mission is to create more value within your organization and through your organization.

We help non-profit and for-profit organizations move forward through improved strategic execution, communication, best practices, and effective value generation. Let’s start with a no-risk conversation about your organization, where you are and where you would like to be.


It is a privilege to work alongside these incredibly talented people in pursuit of their missions. Together, we have achieved stretch goals and found stunning solutions to seemingly impossible problems. We have moved difficult situations from a negative to a positive and negotiated "better to best."

Through these partnerships we have created more value, building collective knowledge and wisdom. If your organization is driven by a deeper need to do good and you have a passion for excellence — if your desired outcome is to change the world — yours is the kind of organization that I enjoy working with the most.

Are you ready for this kind of partnership to help you advance your organization?

Marcy Schorsch

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Passionate about progress and advancing purposeful change through strategic connection and communication, Marcy has been successfully working alongside for-profit and non-profit organizations for more than twenty-five years. She is dedicated to crafting solutions that work within your organizational culture and connect your value to your valuers. Her tailor-made solutions and strategies have helped advance a variety of organizations – from helping former telecom giant, Marconi Communications, build a successful regional branding campaign, to working with HarperCollins Christian Publishing on product marketing and brand management for a variety of authors, to constructing and overseeing substantial growth initiatives for several global non-profits.

Moving Forward


1. Let's talk. We will discuss your organization and how we can make more, keep more, and minimize risks.


2. Create a customized plan. We will create a plan to achieve your stretch goals and find stunning solutions to seemingly impossible problems.


3. Work the plan together. Together, we can move difficult situations from a negative to a positive and negotiate "better" to "best."

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